Frequently Asked Questions

1-How much can I earn?

Our service is the highest paying image host in the industry! For details please refer to our earn page

2-How I can load images?

1) Click on Upload
2) Click Browse Button
3) Choose the image to upload
4) Celect Adult or Non Adult
5) Click on the button Upload and use the link that will be provided

3-What is the minimum payout?

The minimum amount for users to request a payment is 1 USD and payments are processed within 120 business hours of the request.

4-Do you pay for every view?

We pay for unique users in a 24-hour period.
E.g. if the same user clicks on 10 images during 24 hours, you will get paid for one view.

But we count traffic from ALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!

5-Is hotlinking allowed?

No, hotlinking is prohibited and you will be banned.

6-I think my account has been hacked.

It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe. All accounts are personal and should not be shared with third parties. All emails about hacked accounts and modified details will be ignored.

7-How does the referral system work?

You should only recommend to others persons to join hostpic with your referral link and You receive 10% of the revenue from your referrals.

8-The "My images" and/ or "My Galleries" pages are redirecting me back to index.

Please log out and log back in.if problem persist delete browser history and retry.

9-How I can make money?

It's simple, you just upload your images and share them with friends, forums or where you want Then on our site you will see your income you've generated with the views obtained.

10-How can I share my image?

you can share with the social networks offered by the site.

11-What is the payment system?

we pay by PayPal and Bitcoin.